List Your Token

  • The Yellow Network is specifically created as well as designed in a way through which it can provide a solution to the problem surrounding decentralized trading.
  • This is achieved through the utilization of the process surrounding the swapping of assets of participants across different exchanges, where it bridges all of the parties, exchanges, blockchains, and trading firms together and creates a network of brokerages for efficient trading infrastructure.
  • The Yellow Network also embodies a decentralized, Layer-3, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchange network utilized for the communication and trading between brokers whilst also being able to aggregate the liquidity across the connected nodes.
  • Yellow Network is powered by state-channel technology and can enable real-time settlement between brokers due to blockchain technology whilst also enabling cross-chain trading without any requirement of bridging the assets.
  • The Yellow Network combines multiple blockchains without the need to bridge them, which is a solid way through which it can maintain architectural security whilst also minimizing asset movement and risks involved with human error.

If you have a genuine curiosity and interest in listing your own token on top of the Yellow Network, this process is simple to complete. However, you or your team will require a bit of time and effort if you want the token approved.

If you want to list your token on top of the Yellow Network, this is everything you need to keep in mind.

There is an average waiting time of 14 days per token listing.

If someone wants to list a token or an asset on top of the Yellow Network, they need to fill in a questionnaire, also known as the Listing Request Form. Let's go over what it is and what information it requires from teams.

Step 1: Filling in The Listing Request Form

The Listing Request Form is made up of 4 main parts that need to be completed. These include the following:

  • Project Information - This includes the project name, a one-sentence pitch, the GitHub repository, the URL to the project, the social media links, the contact Telegram Link, the White Paper Link, and the project's open-source link.
  • Contact Information - This includes the Contact email, Telegram link, position in the company, description, and social media links.
  • Token Information - This includes the full name, the ticker symbol, the type, the blockchain text field, the blockchain explorer, the SC address (ERC20), the locked token amount, the airdrop tokens, and the token icon PNG.
  • Business Information - This includes the target listing date, the listing goals, the trading pairs, the desired outcome, the market-making service, the create MM Strategy, the airdrop participation, the partnerships, the budget, and consent.

Step 2: Waiting for Approval and What You Can Expect

Once the Listing Request Form has been sent, the product manager will receive the inquiry.

If the product manager sees it as spam, it will be disregarded.

However, if it is not spam, it moves onto the next step, which involves the creation of the listing project directory on Google Drive, in /listings/TYPE:TICKER.

Then, there is a save request from the ./request folder, after which the product manager processes the listing request, and the operations check the listing schedule.

If it is a REC20 Token, the following occurs: there is a custom token analysis for CTO.

The following custom token analysis and checklist are completed:

  • Basic Blockchain Characteristics
  • Basic Token Characteristics
  • Checking for Ruby Support
  • Receiving key pairs and opening a native wallet
  • Receiving test tokens
  • Conducting basic token tests
  • Checking if all types of wallets can be created (Hot, Warm, Cold)
  • Checking wallet address format
  • Checking if everything works without errors.
  • Adding properties to lower
  • Checking decimals
  • Checking the Icon format
  • Organizing the deposit
  • Organizing the Collection
  • Organizing the Trading
  • Specifying the minLot size
  • Organizing the withdrawals
  • Going over the third-party wallet support

Then, the CTO estimation, listing, and schedule information occur, and the time, as well as cost estimation for the development process, occurs, after which the product manager has a final offer, the offer is signed, and the approval continues.

  • If it is not an ERC20 token, the following occurs: it is checked if the token can be traded on Binance, Kraken, HitBTC, Bittrex, and Huobi.
  • If it is, we then check the marketing standard. If approved here, there is a standard marketing agreement, after which the product manager has a final offer, the offer is signed, and the approval continues.
  • If it is not traded, the Yellow Team checks if there is any exchange that the token is traded on.
  • If there is not, liquidity is gained from the project, after which a corporate account is created and verified, and there is a liquidity source confirmation, after which the product manager has a final offer, the offer is signed, and the approval continues.
  • If it is listed on other exchanges, we then go to the product manager, check operations to see if we can get liquidity from the exchange, and engage in operations listing planning. Afterward, the Yellow Team analyzes the time cost estimates for market making, after which the product manager has a final offer, the offer is signed, and the approval continues.

Then, a new Basecamp task for operation occurs, marketing gets notified, and the developers write code for the integration of the new token.

Operations are engaged that are responsible for testing the integration and confirming the overall release, after which a new token listing release occurs, and there's a market-making launch. Last, the product manager monitors important updates, forks, and changes to the operation.

That is everything you need to do and what the Yellow Team does to enable you to list your token on top of the Yellow Network.

Remember that the average waiting time is 14 days per token listing, and ensure that you have provided all of the accurate and legitimate documentation and links relating to your project so you and your team have the highest chance of getting listed.