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Travala (AVA)
The Crypto-Driven Travel Booking Platform. Travala (AVA) Fact Sheet Travala is a blockchain-based travel booking platform founded in 2017 that has received backing from Binance. The Travala platform offers over 3,000,000 travel products, including 2,200,000+ accommodations, flights, and activities covering over 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories, up to 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms. Travala utilizes its native cryptocurrency, AVA, which has a high level of utility, such as powering the Referral Program, Affiliate Program, Customer Loyalty Program (Smart Program), the Standard Booking Givebacks, Best Price Guarantee, and much more. Travala was originally founded by Steve Hipwell, Matthew Luczynski, and Juan Otero. Travala team has extensive experience when it comes to the development of blockchain-related products, travel business, and fintech. Travala group features three incorporated companies worldwide in the UK, Australia, and Vietnam. AVA Historical Data Price Chart in U.S. Dollars (USD) AVA Historical Data Price Chart in U.S. Dollars (USD). Source: TradingView What is Travala (AVA)? Travala is a crypto-driven travel booking service featuring 3,000,000+ travel products, including accommodations, flights, and activities across over 90,000 destinations in 230 countries and territories. Travala project has accelerated the adoption of cryptocurrencies, as it accepts numerous cryptocurrencies in addition to traditional payment methods. The platform is supported by its native cryptocurrency AVA, which can be utilized for various reasons. Throughout its years on the market, Travala has established itself as one of the leading platforms in bringing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. In 2020, Travala switched to the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), after which the team continued to provide transparent pricing, innovative features, and increased security across the entire travel industry. On August 20, 2022, Binance announced that the Binance Chain had joined forces with Travala to build the next generation of online travel. Specifically, the agreement saw Travala work closely with the community-led development team behind the BNB Smart Chain and the BNB Beacon Chain to provide specialized, advanced decentralized technology to strengthen further Travala’s overall ability to offer unique blockchain-based solutions to travelers, as well as travel suppliers, and to be able to compete in the fast-growing travel booking market against competing platforms. Alongside its Best Price Guarantee feature, the platform also features additional discounts, special bonuses, and even loyalty rewards for users holding the AVA cryptocurrency. However, it goes much deeper than this, and we will explain why. In 2021, Travala partnered with Tripadvisor’s Viator, enabling an additional 400,000 experiences and activities for its users. How is Travala (AVA) Used? Travala offers specific features and benefits to holders of the AVA cryptocurrency. As the customer base within the platform grows, the usage of the AVA cryptocurrency becomes a more integral part of the overall experience, as it fuels rewards, which means that its demand will grow with the platform's adoption rate, which can lead to an internal token economy beneficial to everyone. As of July 13, 2022, Travala supports over 80 cryptocurrencies, some of the most notable ones being Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), BNB (BNB), XRP (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Tron (TRX), Decentraland (MANA), ApeCoin (APE) and many others. Travala has also partnered with, Expedia, and Agoda, all of which aim to provide services to users who use cryptocurrencies to make payments. Another compelling feature of Travala is the Best Price Guarantee, where if you manage to book a stay or an activity on Travala, only to find a lower price on another website, you can claim a refund for the difference up to 24 hours before your check-in date at the property, or the start time of the activity. There are also Travala gift cards, freely distributable to anyone without the expiration date. The recipient of the gift cards can use the funds to book trips, stays, or activities on Travala at any time. Use-Cases of Travala (AVA) When we look at the use-cases surrounding the AVA cryptocurrency specifically, they include the following: AVA can be used as a payment token on the platform directly. AVA can be used to get a discount on the offers. AVA provides users with cashback options upon completing their reservations. AVA allows participation in smart discounts, smart loyalty, and smart bonuses. The platform also features an invite referral program, gift cards, travel credits, and more. Going over the smart program, users can access discounts, loyalty, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), voting, and more. The Smart Program gives users up to 13% savings on travel bookings. Users get access to direct discounts on the listed Travala prices and loyalty rewards after completing their bookings. It is split from Smart Basic to Smart Platinum, where each user can select their Smart tier and lock up the required amount of the AVA cryptocurrency to access all of the benefits associated with that tier. Each user still has 100% ownership over their AVA tokens for these Smart tiers and can unlock them at any point in time after 30 days pass initially. These are all of the ranks, individually explained: Basic - A user needs to lock 50 AVA. Users can get up to 2% loyalty rewards for bookings made on the platform after they complete their trip paid directly to their wallet. They also have an additional 3% discount on the total price when they pay with AVA, access to the Proof of Travel NFT program, 50 votes on community proposals, and can be a part of TRVL airdrops where they will receive a share of 10,000,000 TRVL that is distributed across smart members. Steel -  A user needs to lock 250 AVA to reach this tier. Users can get up to 1% discounts on bookings made on the platform, alongside 2% of loyalty rewards, a 3T discount on the total price of AVA payments, Proof of Travel, 275 votes on the community proposals, and access to TRVL airdrops. Bronze - A user needs to lock 500 AVA to reach this tier. Users can get up to 2% discounts on bookings, 2% in loyalty rewards, 3% discounts when they make payments with the AVA token, Proof of Travel, 600 votes on community proposals, and access to TRVL airdrops. Silver - A user needs to lock 1,250 AVA to reach this tier. Users can get up to 3% discounts on bookings made on the platform, 3% in loyalty rewards, 3% discounts on the price when paid with AVA, Proof of Travel, 1,625 votes on Community Proposals, and access to TRVL airdrops. Gold -  A user needs to lock 2,000 AVA to reach this tier. Users can access 4% discounts on the bookings made on the platform, 4% in loyalty rewards, 3% discounts when using AVA, Proof of Travel, 2,800 votes on Community Proposals, and access to TRVL airdrops. Platinum - A user needs to lock 2,500 AVA to reach this tier. Users can access 5% discounts, 5% in loyalty rewards, 3% discounts when AVA is used for payments, Proof of Travel, 5,000 votes on Community Proposals, and access to TRVL airdrops. Diamond - A user needs to lock 2,500 AVA to reach this tier alongside using a non-fungible token (NFT). Users get access to a unique NFT avatar, one out of 1,000 in total, dubbed the "Founders Edition" NFT avatars. They also get access to an ambassador bonus, where proof of travel credit reward equals 10% of platform commissions available to claim through performing marketing tasks to promote Travala. They can get up to 10% on loyalty rewards, a 3% discount when using AVA for payments, Proof of Travel, 5,000 votes on Community proposals, and access to TRVL airdrops. Travala members need to utilize the “My Smart” page in their dashboards and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the Smart Program and become a part of it. Once activated, the experience begins. Usability & Primary Features of Travala (AVA) There are a lot of features and a high level of utility when it comes to the Travala (AVA) cryptocurrency. Protocol AVA coins are multi-chain assets built on BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2), BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), and Ethereum (ERC20). Since Travala offers more apparent prices due to the utilization of blockchain technology, it is impossible to manipulate the price or raise it artificially to announce a discount on the new price as the discounted price would be the same as the original price. Ledger Travala implemented its blockchain technology using the BNB Beacon Chain and the BNB Smart Chain. As such, this is what powers the back-end of the AVA Cryptocurrency. The AVA cryptocurrency is mainly utilized through the Travala platform to benefit the cryptocurrency holders with various rewards and bonuses and give them access to the loyalty program. Smart-Contract Support The underlying blockchain that powers the Travala (AVA) cryptocurrency, BNB Smart Chain (BSC), has support for smart contracts. Tokenomics & Supply Distribution According to the Travala Whitepaper, there is a total supply of 61,011,389 AVA tokens. As of July 13, 2022, there is a circulation of 51,389,687.23 AVA tokens. Travala also has a burn plan, which takes every quarter until the total supply decreases to 40,000,000 AVA. Team & History Travala was initially founded in 2017 by Steve Hipwell, Matthew Luczynski, and Juan Otero. Juan Otero specifically has a wealth of experience in the large tech companies on the global scale, with experience in Oracle and, and is responsible for overseeing and driving all of the operations at Travala, including business activities and resources. On the other hand, Steve Hipwell has over a decade of experience in the online travel industry and manages Travala's day-to-day operations. Matthew Luczynski is a tech and marketing entrepreneur, and strategic and innovative thinker, alongside being the co-founder of Travala. Activities & Community When we look at the activities and community surrounding Travala (AVA), the Travala Telegram Group has over 9,000 members. The Official Travala Discord Channel has over 190 members, and the Travala Twitter page has over 169.400  followers. Development Activity and GitHub Repositories The Travala (AVA) GitHub is extensive, with 14 repositories. The stand-out ones and pinned repositories include: AVA-Token - the smart contract for the AVA Token Booking-SC - the Booking Smart Contract cge-token - how to buy CGE token by NEON Wallet neon-wallet - Light wallet for the NEO blockchain tokens-info - Centralized repository for BEP2 token meta information, such as the logo, website, social network, etc. - forked from neo-project/ On-Chain Activity According to data from CoinMarketCap, the AVA cryptocurrency ranks #517 out of the top 1,000 cryptocurrencies. The project has a market capitalization of $24,840,035, with a trading volume of $3,285,864. AVA Market Cap, Fully Diluted Market Cap, and Trading Volume (24h). Source: CoinMarketCap When we go over data from Live Coin Watch, we can see that AVA is trading for $0.489824 as of July 13, 2022. AVA Price - All about Travala. Source: Live Coin Watch Activities and Partners - Travala partnered with, where they integrated Booking's accommodations to its platform and allowed users to book 90,000 different locations by using cryptocurrencies. Expedia - Travala partnered with Expedia Partner Solutions to gain access to direct integration with the travel agent and let users enjoy an unparalleled speed when it comes to searching for accommodations. Agoda - Agoda is a leading digital travel platform that is part of Booking Holdings, which conducted a strategic partnership with Travala, where more than 600,000 Agoda hotels on a global scale became available through Travala. Tripadvisor’s Viator - Travala partnered with Tripadvisor's Viator to bring an additional 400,000 experiences and activities to their offering. Binance - Binance partnered with Travala to develop the next generation of online travel. The team behind the BNB Smart Chain and the BNB Beacon Chain ended up providing specialized, advanced blockchain technology to the platform. VeChain - Travala partnered with VeChain to integrate VET as a payment option. EMURGO - EMURGO Ptd. Ltd., the global blockchain solutions provider and a founding Cardano (ADA) protocol entity, partnered with the Online Travel Agency (OTA) Travala to enable travelers to book hotels and travel accommodations using Cardano's native cryptocurrency, the ADA token. 1inch - Travala partnered with 1inch to integrate the 1INCH cryptocurrency into the platform, enabling holders of the coin to book hotels, airlines, and activities. 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