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What is Hooked Protocol (HOOK)?

Hooked Protocol is a decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem aimed at promoting the adoption of Web3 technology through gamified learning experiences and user-centric applications. It focuses on providing an engaging and interactive platform to educate users about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

What Problem Does Hooked Protocol (HOOK) Solve?

Hooked Protocol addresses:

  • Web3 Education: Provides gamified learning experiences to educate users about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • User Engagement: Creates an interactive environment to attract and retain users.
  • Adoption Barriers: Simplifies the onboarding process for new users into the Web3 ecosystem.

Why Does the Crypto Market Need Hooked Protocol (HOOK)?

The crypto market benefits from Hooked Protocol by:

  • Enhanced User Education: Promotes blockchain and cryptocurrency literacy through interactive learning.
  • Increased Adoption: Attracts new users by lowering entry barriers and providing engaging content.
  • Community Building: Fosters a strong and informed community around Web3 technology.

History & Achievements

Hooked Protocol has rapidly gained attention for its innovative approach to educating users about blockchain technology. The platform has developed various gamified learning modules and applications to promote Web3 adoption.

Who Created Hooked Protocol (HOOK)?

Hooked Protocol was developed by a team of blockchain experts and educators dedicated to promoting Web3 adoption through interactive learning experiences.

What Technology Does Hooked Protocol (HOOK) Use and How Does it Work?

Hooked Protocol uses:

  • Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Technology: For decentralized operations and security.
  • Gamified Learning: Provides interactive modules to educate users about Web3.
  • Smart Contracts: To automate processes within the Hooked Protocol ecosystem.

What Affects Hooked Protocol (HOOK) Price?

Factors influencing HOOK price:

  • Market Sentiment: News and developments.
  • Platform Adoption: Increased usage and integration.
  • Technological Advancements: Upgrades and partnerships.
  • Regulatory Changes: Cryptocurrency regulations.

How Many Tokens of Hooked Protocol (HOOK) Are in Circulation?

There are approximately 170,000,000 HOOK tokens in circulation out of a total supply of 500,000,000 tokens.

What is the Maximum Supply of Hooked Protocol (HOOK)?

The maximum supply of HOOK tokens is capped at 500,000,000 tokens.

What is Hooked Protocol (HOOK) Utility?

HOOK tokens are used for:

  • Transaction Fees: Within the Hooked Protocol ecosystem.
  • Staking: To earn rewards and participate in governance.
  • Governance: Voting on protocol upgrades and changes.

Tokenomics of Hooked Protocol (HOOK)

Hooked Protocol’s tokenomics include:

  • Staking and Rewards: For HOOK holders.
  • Incentives: User participation rewards.
  • Supply Cap: 500,000,000 tokens.

What is the All-Time High and All-Time Low for Hooked Protocol (HOOK)?

  • All-Time High: $4.07 on February 6, 2023
  • All-Time Low: $0.3997 on July 5, 2024

Where to Buy Hooked Protocol (HOOK)?

HOOK tokens can be purchased on various major cryptocurrency exchanges, including:

  • Binance
  • KuCoin

Who Invested in Hooked Protocol (HOOK) at an Early Stage?

Details on early-stage investors in Hooked Protocol are limited. The project has attracted interest from various investors focused on blockchain education and Web3 adoption.

What Are the Revenue Streams of Hooked Protocol (HOOK)?

Hooked Protocol’s revenue streams include:

  • Transaction Fees: From transactions within the Hooked Protocol network.
  • Staking Rewards: From staking HOOK tokens.
  • Educational Modules: Revenue from interactive learning modules and applications.
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