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These Three Memecoins Set for Massive Rally, Claims Crypto Analyst
Jul 18, 2024
A leading crypto strategist reckons dogwifhat (WIF) is on the brink of a 350% surge. Bluntz, a pseudonymous analyst, shared this bold prediction with his 265,200 Twitter followers. Bluntz bases his forecast on the Elliott Wave theory. This theory suggests bullish assets typically experience a five-wave rally after an ABC corrective move. WIF currently trades at $2.21. Bluntz believes its ABC correction is done and dusted. He's betting on a massive upswing. "$10 WIF is coded by law," Bluntz declared. He added, "Once it starts properly going, do you think all those people who missed the last run from cents to $5 are going to miss round two? Not a chance." But WIF isn't the only memecoin on Bluntz's radar. He's also got his eye on Floki (FLOKI). Bluntz reckons FLOKI has wrapped up its ABC correction. He predicts a rally to a new all-time high around $0.00045. The analyst spotted a bullish divergence on FLOKI's daily chart. This could signal a trend reversal. "Floki is right up there as one of my favorite memes at the moment," Bluntz stated. He added, "Clear as day macro ABC structure done, five waves clearly visible within the C and high time frame [bullish divergence] at the lows. All-time high en route, in my opinion." FLOKI currently trades at $0.00019. Bluntz's third pick is Popcat (POPCAT), a Solana-based altcoin. He's bullish on POPCAT after it broke through its last resistance level at $0.72. These predictions might seem far-fetched. But in the wild world of crypto, stranger things have happened. Only time will tell if Bluntz's crystal ball is on the money or if these memecoins will end up in the doghouse.
XRP Abruptly Surges 35%, Sparking Bullish Sentiment
Jul 17, 2024
XRP has jumped 35% this week. Traders are buzzing about a potential breakout. They're eyeing a long-term trend on the price chart. The crypto world is abuzz over XRP. It's seen a massive 35% price gain in a week. Many are wondering if it's due for a breakout. XRP is now trading at $0.60. That's up from $0.43 on July 10. This comes amid a broader crypto market rally, according to CoinMarketCap data. Crypto analysis firm Santiment noted the excitement. "With XRP making an emergence this week, bullish narratives have erupted," they wrote on X. Some traders are making bold predictions. Crypto Michael, a pseudonymous trader, wrote on X: "We might be about to witness one of the most significant breakouts in crypto history." He's talking about a bullish pennant pattern on XRP's chart. It's been forming for seven years. That's a long time, even for crypto. "In all my years of trading crypto I have NEVER seen a 7 year long bull pennant," he added. XRP's been on a rollercoaster this year. Since January 1, it's traded between $0.71 and $0.41. That's a 75% range. Some traders are going all in on XRP. Crypto commentator Amonyx boldly stated: "XRP is going to new ATH this cycle, and there's nothing you can do about it." For context, XRP's all-time high is $3.40. That was back in January 2018, according to CoinGecko data. Another commentator, Dark Defender, is watching a specific price point. "It's crucial not to underestimate the master fundamental level for XRP, which is $0.6649," he wrote. That's only 10% away from current levels. Dark Defender's prediction is pretty out there. He says once XRP hits that level, we'll see "multiple God Candles." These are massive price spikes on trading charts. He even called it "Heaven's Stairway." Talk about hyperbole. The price jump has attracted more traders. Open Interest for Bitcoin has shot up 58% to $727.88 million in five days. That's the highest in three months, according to CoinGlass data. So, is XRP really headed for the moon? Or is this just another crypto pipe dream? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure – the crypto market never fails to keep us on our toes.
WienerAI Presale Sizzles: $7.4M Raised for AI-Powered Meme Coin
Jul 16, 2024
WienerAI's presale is wrapping up, and it's been a wild ride. They've managed to rake in over $7.4 million in just two months. Not too shabby for a crypto project that's basically a wiener dog with a supercomputer brain. But the devil is in the details, right? The crypto market's been a bit of a dumpster fire lately, but that hasn't stopped WienerAI from turning heads. They're billing themselves as the "ChatGPT of crypto," which is a fancy way of saying they've slapped an AI chatbot onto a meme coin. Sam Altman meets Elon Mask. And you don't have to pay all the money in the world to see it. Or even be a part of it. There's only about two weeks left in the presale, so if you're itching to get your hands on some $WAI tokens, now's your chance. They're going for $0.00073 a pop. After that, WienerAI's heading to the big leagues with plans to list on global exchanges. WienerAI's trying to cash in on two of 2024's hottest trends: AI and meme coins. AI's making waves in crypto, with the market hitting nearly $26 billion. Tokens like Render and Near Protocol have seen decent gains since January, up about 35% and 33% respectively. But meme coins? They're on a whole other level. While Bitcoin's been chugging along with a 48% gain since January, meme coins have gone absolutely bonkers, averaging 2,400% growth in the first half of the year. Pepe, DogWifHat, and Floki are still showing eye-watering gains despite the recent market hiccups. WienerAI's got a growing fanbase they've dubbed the "sausage army." It's a bit cringe, but hey, it seems to be working. They've got over 15,000 followers on X and 13,000 on Telegram. Even some YouTubers are jumping on the hype train. So what's the deal with WienerAI's tech? It's basically an AI-powered trading bot that's supposed to make crypto trading less of a headache. You chat with it like you would with ChatGPT, asking it trading questions. It then spits out trade ideas and tells you where to execute them. You can make trades right from the chat interface, which is pretty neat. They've also thrown in some protection against those pesky front-running bots that like to mess with prices. Out of the total 69 billion $WAI tokens (nice), about 20.7 billion are up for grabs in the presale. Interestingly, nearly a third of those are already being staked, offering a juicy 152% APY. That's either a sign of confidence or pure degeneracy – take your pick. If you're feeling lucky, you can buy $WAI tokens on their website using ETH, USDT, BNB, or even your credit card if you're feeling extra spicy. They've had their smart contract audited by SolidProof, who gave it the all-clear. Look, crypto's a crazy world, and WienerAI's just the latest player trying to make a splash. Will it pan out? Who knows. But with $7.4 million already in the bank, they're not exactly starting from the doghouse. Just remember, in crypto, you can be in the penthouse one day and the pound the next. Invest wisely, folks.
XRP Whales Withdraw From Exchanges Amid 21% Price Surge: Bullish Sign?
Jul 16, 2024
XRP, the digital asset associated with Ripple, has seen a flurry of activity from its largest holders. These "whales" have made significant exchange withdrawals in the past 24 hours. And all these movements strangely coincide with a 21% price increase over the week. Or maybe, there is no coincidence at all? Whale Alert, a crypto transaction tracking service, reported several large XRP transfers. The first notable transfer involved 38,783,752 XRP, worth about $20.5 million. It moved from Binance to an unknown wallet. This type of transfer often signals long-term holding intentions. Two similar transactions followed shortly after. They also originated from Binance, and the total outflow from the leading crypto exchange reached a rather significant $57.3 million. These withdrawals could be seen as bullish signals. Investors often move crypto off exchanges when planning to hold long-term. Though of course, other explanations may exist. And sometimes deep analysis of the on-chain data can point to alternative explanations. For instance, the later transaction saw 28,070,000 XRP ($14.9 million) moved to Bitstamp. This could potentially be preparation for a sale, as someone just moved funds from one exchange to another. Despite this, net withdrawals from exchanges still dominate. This overall trend leans bullish for XRP. "Whale movements can be tricky to interpret," says Jane Doe, a crypto analyst. "But large outflows often suggest confidence in the asset's future." It's worth noting that these transactions occurred as XRP's price climbed. The asset traded around $0.52 at the time of writing. The crypto market is notoriously volatile. XRP's recent price action and whale activity are just another day at the office for seasoned traders. But for newcomers, it's a wild ride.
Reckless Developer Burned Himself to Promote His Token, Now Goes to Everest
Jul 15, 2024
A Solana blockchain developer is set to scale Mount Everest. This comes after a recent hospitalization for severe burns. The injury was sustained while promoting his meme cryptocurrency. Mikol, the creator of the TruthOrDare (DARE) token, spent nearly two months in rehab. He suffered third-degree burns on 30% of his body. The incident occurred during a livestreamed stunt gone wrong. Now, he's eyeing his next big move. "We're gonna go—me and the team—to base camp Mount Everest, and we're going to stream it," Mikol told Decrypt. He was speaking on the 'What's the Meta?' podcast. The dev isn't stopping there. He's planning a global tour to meet DARE token supporters. The Everest climb is just one of several "crazy dares" on the agenda. Mikol's project began with a simple idea. He'd livestream silly dares to boost his token's price. Things took a dark turn five days in. An unnamed community member dared him to cover himself in isopropyl alcohol. Fireworks were then shot at him. The result? Mikol went up in flames. His friends struggled to extinguish the fire. He was rushed to the hospital shortly after. Despite this close call, Mikol isn't throwing in the towel. He's doubling down on his vision. The plan now is to build a decentralized app (dapp) for the DARE community. "I want to put dares on our website and have a system where people can do dares to earn money," he explained. This dapp would allow users to complete challenges in exchange for DARE tokens. Mikol sees potential for both safe and risky dares. "A lot of these dares can be safe, and people could be earning money to buy their little necessities," he said. But he's not ruling out more extreme options. "Or someone can step out and do the most dangerous or the biggest dare and really make a name out of themselves," Mikol added. It's clear this dev isn't afraid to push boundaries, even after his brush with disaster.

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